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former Head National Coach Doubles/Mixed Germany


TRAIN LIKE THE BEST: Badminton and Strength & Conditioning Training from an internationally renowned expert - NOW available for everybody and every level. Enhance your performance, get stronger, faster, move better and more efficient - and stay inruy-free so that you can do the things you love longer - these are some examples of the fields we can work, define goals and reach new levels - for you!


Efficient, Effective and Sustainable Performance Enhancement

Apply now for my services - in a first conversation we clarify open questions, find the right program and develop focus areas and solutions based on your goals and needs! 

  • Online 1-on-1 Coaching

    Best guidance, planning and coach for individual development. Enhance your technical, tactical, physical and mental level based on your individual goals and time budget.

  • Workshops & Seminars

    Workshops or seminars at your club or center. We can build the perfect setting based on multiple possible topics - with minimum organisational effort from your side and no financial risk!

  • Strength & Conditioning

    Performance enhancement and injury prevention for all sports from an international renowned S&C and athletics expert coach. Get more explosiv, fast and stronger and move better on your platform - online or in person in your area. 

  • On side 1-on-1 Coaching

    As personal or semi-private training with your partner - we will work on your  individual improvements on various topics.




Diemo developed and analysed our game to that we were prepared for all possible scenarios. Due to his analysis and coaching we always were a step ahead and had the deciding advantages in the fight for our titels.

Mark Lamsfuss

Denmark & Swiss Open Champion

Diemo is also an unbelievable expirienced Strength & Conditioning with an outstanding amount of knowledge. The Training itself was always motivating, progress was fast and training by training I developed my speed, agilty and potential.

Luca Bernoth

Professional Soccer Player (e.g. Schalke 04)

Due to Diemo's professional support I developed technical and tactical both as player and coach. I learned to understand the game, to work on my individual areas and most important to win more.

Mark Nölting

Badminton Player in Germany

I valued Diemo Ruhnow as a top professional and reliable coach on every level. With a growth mindset, he was always looking to improve and develop which is essential at the world class stage. He has outstanding qualities and competences as coach and as a human being.

Holger Hasse

former Head Coach Germany




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