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Here you find answer to question I typically get regarding my services.

1. Online Coaching - FAQs

Questions regarding my online coaching services.

Online-Coaching, is this efficient, how does this work?

I only train twice a week. Does it make sense to start online coaching?

What's the difference between "Regular" & "Premium"? What is "Starter" or "Flexible" for?

2. Workshop & Seminars FAQs

Questions regarding my workshops, seminars and camps.

My double or mixed partner cannot join the weekend - does it make sense that I join on my own?

I am more a coach than a player. Does it make sense to join a players seminar or workshop?

I have just started or I play in a minor league. Can I join your workshop, does it make sense?

Is it possible to have a seminar / camp / workshop at our club? What are the requirements and what are the costs?

3. General Questions

General Questions regarding my services.

Is it possible to get an invoice for online coaching or attendance of a workshop?

How is the payment for online coaching or a workshop made?






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